DeeGospel PR's Social Media Release for Authors and Publishers

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DeeGospel PR is proud to announce the launch of it's Social Media Release Service for Authors and Publishers(SMRPs.)

As publishing house publicity departments spend more time online marketing their authors, publicists and authors need to understand online marketing better and they need to have the proper technological tools to have a conversation with bookclubs, bookstores, media and book buyers online. Authors, publicists and publishing houses need a social media release.

What is a social media release?

Like a news (PR) release the social media release will provide current press coverage of the author, links to the authors website and publishing house but so much more. In one white paper document it can house many promotional items at once:

  • book trailer
  • audio excerpt of current title
  • author television interview
  • online press room (which includes traditonal press releases, author bio, book info)
  • media tip sheets
Why does an author need a social media release?

The social media release's purpose is:

  • to provide an easy workspace for media to navigate through and find the important pieces they need to build an article or show guest spot around
  • to increase your author's visibility in major search engines, book sites and online places where your ideal reader gather with search engine optimization(seo) and keyword links.
  • to take full advantage of the latest technological communication advancements that will increase communication between the author and their ideal reader
  • to use a framework that will become the online hub for all your author communication, as well as funnel that communication to various online channels at once
  • to house traditional press releases in an online press room
What makes our SMRPs ideal for authors and publishers?

DeeGospel PR specializes in literary public relations and marketing. We have a proven success rate in building online awareness of our past clients with our social media release system. We know how to turn over information to book review, lifestyle events editors, book clubs and talk show producers faster than most literary pr firms. In fact, pr firms turn to us for guidance on how to use current online technology to galvanize readers. Also our social media releases are lower than our competitors.

Do I need a new Social Media Release every time I have new news?
No and that's the beauty of it. Your SMRP will be housed on the DeeGospelPR server. We will revise your news release for free for the first 90 days. After 90 days we will give you the option to move your release to your server, so that you can do it yourself thereafter. Or you can continue to house your release on our server for $10 a year.

How do I obtain an SMPR for my client or myself?

Click the Buy Now button below. Once you pay for your service. We will contact you to put the release together. Our turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.

What if I cannot afford the full price(the economy has my wallet shrinking?)

Email me at deegospelpr at gmail dot com to work out a payment arrangement. I do understand.

Can I see an SMPR before I purchase?

Sure. All of our SMPRs are crafted to fit the author brand. Contact me and I will send you a snapshot of one.

If you have further questions about the DeeGospel PR SMPR for Authors and Publishers contact me at deegospelpr at gmail dot com


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