Hire your Own Press Secretary

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't have time to Report your:

  • Book Signings
  • Book Awards
  • Book Club Awards
  • Magazine Cover Stories
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Television Appearance
  • Concert
  • Radio Interview
  • News you Know your Readers would love to know?
Then you need your own press secretary.

DeeGospel PR is proud to announce the launch of DGP PS 3.0. We will report your news in AP format for you. You can load it to your online pressroom, use it for a press or social media release, submit it to newswires or your private e-list or social network. The article will be media ready and written in terms that increase SEO.

We are providing this service in three ways:
  1. a la carte for $25 per service
  2. 90 day shelf life, 9 articles 3 month span, prebuzz through launch for $200
  3. as a part of the DGP Publicity Power Pack for Authors. This service will now be included. P3 clients will receive 3 articles every month for the life of their contract.
To get started Email deegospelpr at gmail dot com.


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