Sunday, October 5, 2003

Hi, I’m Dee Stewart, a mother, publicist, book marketing consultant.

I write Christian Fiction Blog to support writer’s of Christian Faith. I started Christian Fiction Blog in 2004 to help other writer’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of book promotion and book events marketing while still running a household and increasing in spiritual maturity. Today Christian Fiction Blog receives on average 10,000 hits a month. We have a strong subscriber base, 73 member blogging community and writer's network of more than sixty published authors. You are welcome to join.

Thanks to your support I am a one stop author source. I'm an editor, publicist, book marketing consultant, the Atlanta satellite for Mocha Readers Books, an Essence Magazine Reporting bookseller, and for the past three years I have served as a Christys Book Awards Judge. My writing has appeared in: Gospel Today, Precious Times, Anointed, Hope for Women, Rejoice Atlanta, Romantic Times, Spirit Led Woman, Mosaic Literary Journal, Atlanta Christian Family and Spirit Led Writer to name a few.

Prior to raising my daughter, Selah(8,) I have spent over ten years as a publicist, events marketing consultant and public speaker. As a publicist, I have represented ministers, church architects, authors, musicians and gospel recording artists. My mission is simple to connect The Master's Artists with the world.

If you seek a partnership that will not just safeguard your brand and provide media outreach, but also a friend who will pray and champion your efforts, then contact me.

If you want to connect with me about book-selling, your book, or your book marketing campaign or how to incorporate social media in your book marketing campaign, there are various ways to contact me via(just click on the logos:)


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The wedding planner said...

i appeciate your efforts especially about equality in publishing, being of multicultural 'whatevah' i have been told their is no place for my genre, and would like to write for mainstream publishers(inspiration/christian) however feel that i have to 'water' down my message otherwie it is no well received, and feel like im being told that noone wants to read what i write about, when actually my stories are universal. I suppose i should make the characters purple and write fantasy, perphaps i will be better recieved...see(rudy story..the cosby show) i just recently found this site and hope to see more.thanks.

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