RAWSISTAZ Literary: You Get What You Don’t Pay For

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few weeks ago I received an email from a Christian Fiction Blog (www.christianfiction.blogspot.com) subscriber that surprised me. He/she thanked me for my blog (it turned 5 this past July) and told me that she/he had printed many of my posts and put them in a notebook. For years he/she had been using my tips and it had proven successful for the author. Although I was flattered by the knowledge that someone found a post or two helpful, he/she knocked the wind out of my sail.

As great as I love to give great content to my readers, I also love to provide for my daughter. I wondered what value are my words to the reading community. I wondered what are authors willing to pay for, and most importantly, is what they’re getting for free worth it?

Last week at The Writers View, an online community of Christian publishing industry professionals, we discussed the devaluing of service providers (reviewers, virtual assistants, proofers, copy editors, PRs.) We learned some publicists had been stiffed by their clients, authors been jerked by their publishing houses, publishing houses robbed by their distributors…the list goes on, a chain reaction from top to bottom. The only reason you may have not experience it yet is ...Click Here to Read More


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