Blogalicious Monday Update: People's Choice

Monday, August 3, 2009

People's Choice Panel - Extended

Now that BlogHer is over we can once again focus our attention on Blogalicious and on making sure that this conference rocks! We promised to plan this conference with you in mind and we are doing our best to make sure that there are many interactive opportunities - because, really, how bored will you be if all you did was sit at a conference and listen (or should I say sleep)?

We want to make sure that you get everything you want out of this conference and we therefore announced the People Choice Panel. But as I mentioned our energies were a bit diverted, as were yours, I'm sure, so we've extended the submission deadline for the PCP to August 16th. We also thought that you'll have better perspective on what you want to see and talk about post-BlogHer.'s how it works. The PCP is a panel voted upon by you. Tell us what topic you want to hear, who you want to speak on it (if you have a preference or an idea), and we’ll put your choice up for vote.

Here’s what you have to do: 1) What’s not on our agenda that you think we should include? In a few sentences, tell us what this panel will be about. 2) Do you have any recommendations on who you think should speak on this topic? 3) Submit your proposed panel to us by August 16th. Submissions should be sent to We will put all proposals up for vote and let the people decide.

So...let's get it rolling ladies!

In honor of Blogalicious. Next week I will begin hosting a one month to creating a community blog. If you wish to participate leave a comment here or on Twitter @deegospel


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