Dr. Sherri Lewis

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dr. Sherri Lewis

Author, Speaker, Minister

Now I’ve pledged not only to pursue purpose and destiny, but first and foremost, to always be in passionate pursuit of His Presence.”

If you enjoyed the MY Soul Cries Out and Dance into Destiny in your bookclub, you’re sure to enjoy a visit from Dr. Sherri Lewis. Fans say that Sherri combines the spiritual intimacy of Sharon Ewell Foster, and the cosmopolitan boldness of Victoria Christopher Murray in a fresh, unique way. Her debut novel My Soul Cries Out, an Essence Magazine Bestseller is a compassionate look at the redemptive power of God through a marriage crisis. Her last release, Dance into Destiny, also an Essence Magazine Bestseller, couple her intimate themes with a coming of age story of two young women searching for their life purposes. Her newest novel, The List is the story of four women searching for their soul mates using a list of godly male attributes, but not without God’s expressed permission. Dr. Lewis is available for speaking engagements and/or readings in your church, book clubor local library.


Single and satisfied? Not Michelle, Angela and Lisa. These saved, successful women believe they’re too old to wait on God to send their soul mates. With the help of their girlfriend, Vanessa, and the scrutiny of newly saved man-hater, Nicole, the ladies go on a hilarious adventure to "be found" by their husbands. But before they start their adventure they need a roadmap… a list. A list of essential must-have mate characteristics, icing-on-the-cake’s, and deal-breakers. Once they start their search they soon realize they still have to trust God to know what’s best for them and that He loves them enough to send them everything on The List.

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