Book Marketing Don'ts You Will Not Take Into 2009

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 is about to shut it's door, but before it does here are a few book marketing don'ts you should leave behind it:

  1. 1. Only Marketing Online via Social Media
True. Online Marketing is a great way to connect with fans and farm new ones, but social media servicing is not the end all. In 2009 make a commitment to introduce other forms of online marketing into your marketing plan like forums, newsletters, articles and so much more.

2. Be a Ghost Writer in Your Home Town.

When I ask potential clients about their reach. Ten times out of ten they know that know they haven't done the best job sharing their gifts with their community. In 2009 make a commitment to give your writing as a gift to your community. Host a book event, teach a course, judge an elementary school writing contest, become a localebrity.

3. Treat your Publicist like a Personal Assistant.

If you're blessed to have one, respect them. True enough, if you're an experienced published author you know how to sell books. But if you want to brand and promote yourself effectively, you don't need a personal assistant, you need someone with expertise in media, brand, social, fanbase, crisis management and knows how to expand your network with your gatekeepers. In 2009 make a commitment to open your mind and allow your publicist to do his/her job.

4.Refuse to Advertise.

If James Patterson can pay for ad space every time his novel hits the shelves, then why can't you? Online ads are cheap, but effective. Traditional media is open to negotiating ad rates, because of the economy. Your publicist or pr pro can has great working relationships with some of these outlets. They can assist you with discounts. Communicate your needs. In 2009, advertise.

5. Use the same Marketing Plan for a different book.

First and foremost, you should have a marketing plan after you've written the first draft and ready to implement 9 to 12 months before the book is released. But you should also note that each book(unless it is a series) needs a different marketing plan. The themes, topics, psychographics, genre change leads to a different fan core. Book Marketing isn't cut and paste. Talk to your publicist about your media and marketing campaign. In 2009, make sure that you have a media & marketing action plan to follow throughout your book's initial life span(1 year.)

Have a great 2009. If you are a DIYer(do-it-yourselfer,) but would love a lil pr support, join my DeeGospel DIY Coaching Session Module 1 beginning January 15, 2008. Email me for details at vidae dot writing dot com.


Keri Wyatt Kent said...

great reminders, dee. Thanks for your insights.

rhonda mcknight said...

Thanks, Dee.

Unknown said...

Great list! I'll print it out to keep as a reminder.

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