2nd Annual New Year's Resolution Writing Prompt Contest

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A New Year Writing Prompt and Contest for you. Here are the rules:

  1. Write a 250 word (1 page) snippet based on this writing prompt.

  2. Post a link to the snippet from your blog here or email it to post here in the comments section, or post link on Twitter with hashtag #NewYearWrite. (My Twitter ID is deegospel)

  3. Comeback Jan. 12, 2009 to see if you win.
The prize:
  • My ebook, The Book Diva's Guide to Publicity and Reviews

  • Urban inspirational artists, Destiny Praise single CD, "His Will."

  • a free review of your plot sketch or first chapter (your choice)
  • and a surprise. it's so hush, hush, even I don't know what it is.

Pass the contest onto your writing buddies. Enjoy,

OH!! The prompt....

If God sent an angel down just to turn your latest resolution into reality what would you change? This could be a fictional account and it doesn't have to be complete. A vignette would do. Note: if you want to win check through my blog and read what I look for in a good book or read my Halo Eve's Writing tips in the sidebare.

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