BookByte: Could Foursquare 2.0 Revive Book Tour Lure

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Found on Flickr…
4^2 stickers everywhere (by Darshy)
» I found this “foursquare check-in  here” sticker at one of my fave vintage shop [blacklist] in Minneapolis.  Reminds  me a lot like “they love us on yelp” sticker, but way cooler   Minneapolis <3 foursquare!

Yesterday Foursquare announced Foursquare 2.0 and the its features. I checked it out, because I wanted to know how this revised social media service can help my clients, particularly authors and recording artist.

The Add to My Fourquare Button got my attention. Here’s why:

You don’t always learn about new places from your friends, you may have read a review of someplace in the paper. Since there hasn’t been a good way of remembering a review when you’re nearby, we’ve rolled out a new embeddable ‘Add to My foursquare’ button, which connects what you find on the web with your foursquare To-Do List. Read the review, click on the button, and that tip about tasty cupcakes is now on your phone. It’s like Instapaper, but for things to experience in the real world.


1. Authors can Add Foursquare to their Events Schedule

oftentimes fans notice the tour schedule, but forget when their fave artist/author is coming to town. i’m hoping this feature will allow a fan to click the button on tour dates near their location, then foursquare will remind them. i will be adding this feature to Miranda Parker my author page(have you bookmarked me, yet?) .

2. Authors and bookstores or libraries can partner on events using Foursquare

the pub industry is changing. for every door closing windows are opening. hopefully Foursquare can be an answer for dwindling reader community hot spots. I see contests, giveaway, badges…fun things that make foursquare so popular and can transcend into local music and book events. I would love to see a foursquare check-in at a book event like the Decatur Book Festival.

3. Authors/artists can collab with trendy local venues for  hot cross promo.

i’ve visited some great book club meetings in nice spots here in Atlanta. Also by using I’ve found some nice spots that attract readers like Sammiches in downtown Decatur or Licquid in Castleberry Hill. The Add Foursquare button could make book events sexy again.

4. Cupcake bloggers like Cupcake South could turn their blogs into cute online coffee table book blogs using Foursquare & Tumblr.

Throwing that out there for myself before I forget it. But it is an idea on how to make hyperlocal hot.

5. What other ways you think you can use Foursquare 2.o to promote your client or yourself?


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