#MondayMotivation: Celebrate Your Crazy to Reach Your WriteGoal

Monday, April 19, 2010

IMAGE_495 This morning I woke up to find Blue Thunder, my car wouldn’t work. Usually I would unleash The Crazy, because of course I have to take girlee to school and I have Weight Watcher’s Weigh In on Mondays. More importantly, I have been replacing parts here and there for the past year on old girl. It’s not a newsflash that I am oftentimes between blessings and fluctuate between high poverty and lower middle class. So the cost of repairing Blue Thunder right now should definitely release The Crazy. But…guess what? I’m good.

Call it growing up, being prayed up, or living with a new kind of Crazy. I’m not going to let Blue Thunder’s forced benching ruin my day or my writegoal for today.

One thing I know for sure—some of you know I can personally attest to this fact—you can’t control the unlikely, but you can definitely control The Crazy.

Here’s a little MusicMonday sparkly to get you through the day.

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