The #1 Reason Your Book Marketing Efforts Fail on Facebook

Thursday, March 4, 2010

dee Me on Twitter

Last month I asked a question on my Facebook profile: If you could give up one social media platform-- Twitter or Facebook-- what would it be? Most respondents chose Facebook, because they didn’t get it. Although the results weren’t shocking, they were problematic. Many of those responders were authors… african-american authors.  But in this “Relationships are Imperative for Survival” age, black authors need to get Twitter. They need to get it like two years ago…

Social Media affords us (all writers) the opportunity to communicate with our readership about our stories. However, we must realize that communication is a two way activity that requires both listening and speaking.  And truthfully, more listening than speaking.

Oftentimes authors come to me with an interest in becoming a public speaker, but little to no one ever asks me how to become a Public Listener. The latter is the tipping point.

If you want to have a long lasting relationship with your readers you must listen to them. To do that effectively, authors need to master the art of building better listening stations.

Twitter is the foundation of that listening station, because:

  • services like monitter helps the authors listen to the reading community within their zipcode
  • services like summize helps authors listen to publishing industry buzz, especially digital publishing issues, bookstore needs,  and reader feedback about your book
  • services like tweetgrid allows you to listen and respond in real time faster than Facebook
  • services like hootsuite allows you create specific listening channels like
    • publishing
    • bookstore
    • deegospel
    • bookclubs
  • services like disqus allow your to listen to your blog subscribers via twitter
  • and guess what services like Facebook’s many twitter applications allows you to listen to your facebook friends without being tied to your laptop

All of this vital chatter, authors miss by the second, hour and day because they aren’t listening. Granted, Facebook helps you to talk to your readers better. However, Twitter allows you to listen to them and then give them what they say they need and want.

Psst…I’m seeking listeners for my upcoming book release, A Good Excuse to Be Bad. Follow me as MirandaParker2 and DeeGospel on Twitter.


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