3 Press Release Don’ts for Authors

Thursday, December 17, 2009


As a literary business hybrid, I get to see the publishing industry in three dimensional terms. As a writer, I share the same pangs and long hours of marketing my latest writing project or literary event. As a publicist, I spend hours creating the best press release for my clients with hopes that it grabs my media friends attention. As a member of the press, I take great care in scrutinizing author requests to be featured in on my blog or magazine department or radio show in my charge.

All three aspects of me require basic marketing acumen. All further require a brilliant press release(either on the part of me creating one or me receiving one) to help me stay successful.
What I’ve found is that my press release submission ratio is higher than most and my press release acceptance ratio is very high. In short, I’m pretty successful creating press releases, but unsuccessful retrieving good ones to help me satisfy my many writing assignments.

So I thought it would be best if I share the three major guffaws a writer should never take when creating a press release. All three are mistakes I’ve witnessed and/or participated in before I knew any better. Click here to continue.


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