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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dee & Marina Reports
December 16, 2009

Call-in Number: (646) 649-1066

Show Discussion

Tune into tonight at 7PM EST/8 PM EST as gapals Dee Stewart, Marina Woods and Guest Bro-host, L. Martin Johnson Pratt talk about these 3 main topics:

  1. Illinois Govenor Rod Blagojevich Scandal vs Senator Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Innocence Plea Question: Have you ever been accused of something you knew you didn't do? How does your faith help you through the longsuffering?Update: Kackson was an informant for the US Attorney's Office regarding Blagojevich.
  2. Critically acclaimed author, Carleen Brice discusses Orange Mint & Honey and National Buy a Book by a Black Author and Give it to Somebody not Black Month "What if every one of us bought a book by a black author and gave it to a white friend? So I'm naming December National Buy a Book by a Black Author and Give it to Somebody Not Black Month.The most viral campaign on the internet. Question: What books would you buy and give?
  3. Other topics for discussion may include:
  • Pastor stepping down for infidelity. When did church scandal become entertainment news?
  • Prez. Bush's Shoe Attack
  • Pastor Kenneth Copeland's Jet Taxed. Is that fair?
  • The Gingerbread Man: Why would rather women have a Gingerbread man than be alone during the holidays?
  • Tyler Perry victory lawsuit victory. HE stated in his email he laid off 150 employees, in order to attend the trial in Marshall Texas? Why? Did Oprah lay off people when she went to Texas for the beef lawsuit?
  • Did not SNL go too far spoofing New Jersey Governor David Paterson ( who is blind) When does spoofing cross the line?
  • Homosexuality in Black Churches: Why are pews now fabulous?
  • Congrats Claudia Burney for making the Best Books 2008 list from Library Journal for Wounded.


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